• Renewals OPEN on JULY 1, 2019

• All LICENSES EXPIRE on JULY 31, 2019

ODD numbered licenses report Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for the period July 1, 2017-June 30, 2019.

• The DEADLINE to obtain CPD is JUNE 30, 2019

RENEW ONLINE AT WWW.LSBEP.ORG: To access the login page for the portal click on the “Licensee” menu then “Renew Your License Online”. Contact us at if you have trouble with your login credentials.

PAPER RENEWAL: Visit WWW.LSBEP.ORG to download current paper renewal forms. The paper processing fee is an additional $15. Please submit your paper renewal no later than JULY 15, 2019, to avoid delay in receiving your 2019-20 Renewal Certificate.

Online renewals are effective immediately, however please allow 2 weeks to receive your certificate. Paper renewals may take up to 4 weeks to process. Renewal applications received after the COB on JULY 31, 2019 will lapse pursuant to La. R.S. 37:2354, requiring a Reinstatement Application and fee.



NEW PHONE: 225-295-8410
NEW FACSIMILE: 225-295-8412

Louisiana State Board

Providing the public with information regarding the practice of psychology within Louisiana.

PUBLIC MEMBER OF THE LSBEP:  Act 515 of the 2018 Legislative Session created a position on the Board for a Consumer Member.  Under LA R.S. 37:2353.A.(3)(b)(i) The consumer member shall be selected from the state at large and shall possess all of the following qualifications:

(aa) Is a citizen of the United States and has been a resident of Louisiana for at least one year immediately prior to appointment.

(bb) Has attained the age of majority.

(cc) Has never been licensed by any of the licensing boards identified in R.S. 36:259(A), nor shall he have a spouse who has ever been licensed by a board identified in R.S. 36:259(A).

(dd) Has never been convicted of a felony.

(ee) Does not have and has never had a material financial interest in the healthcare profession.

(ii) The consumer member shall be a full voting member of the board with all rights and privileges conferred on board members, except that the consumer member shall not participate in the grading of individual examinations.

To apply for this position, contact the Governor’s Office directly by visiting this link:


On July 10, 2019, Governor John Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency (Proclamation Number 111JBE 2019) due to Invest 92L (Tropical Storm Barry).  If you are an out-of-state psychologist, licensed at the doctoral level for the independent practice of psychology in another jurisdiction of the United States, and you would like to volunteer psychological services to individuals affected by this emergency, the following is required:

1.  Register with this agency by completing the Emergency Temporary Registration form on this website.  This form will be accepted via:

Email: (most reliable contact)

The LSBEP Office may be impacted due to flooding or loss of electricity.  You should check state office closures prior to sending your Emergency Temporary Registration via Facsimile: 225-295-8410; or Mail: 4334 S. Sherwood Forest Blvd., Suite C150, Baton Rouge, LA  70816.

Practice under this registration provision shall be in accordance with the provisions of the La. Administrative Code, Title 46, Part LXIII. Psychologists, Chapter 10, Section 1002.

2.  Register with LAVA (Louisiana Volunteers in Action) at LAVA is administered by the LA Department of Health, Office of Public Health to recruit, credential, train, manage and deploy volunteers (medical and non-medical) to assist during emergencies.

3.  If you do not register with LAVA, you are required to be affiliated with a legitimate relief effort and providing gratuitous services in Louisiana to qualify for an Emergency Temporary Registration.

Mission Statement: To safeguard life, health, property, and the public welfare, and in order to protect the people of this state against unauthorized, unqualified and improper application of psychology.

Latest News

Candidates who were invited to take the EPPP between 2/1/2015 and 11/30/2015. Please visit the following link for important information regarding Pearson Credential Manager System: Pearson link

As of August 1, 2014, the LSBEP will license 3 levels of professionals: Licensed Psychologist, Provisionally Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Specialists in School Psychology.

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NOTICE: In compliance with Act 655 of the 2018 Regular Session, the LSBEP hereby gives notice to its licensees and applicants of their opportunity to file a complaint about board actions and board procedures. You may submit such complaints to one or more of the following organizations:
•Louisiana State Board of Examiners of Psychologists:Submit in writing to: LSBEP, 4334 S. Sherwood Forest Blvd., #C-150, Baton Rouge, LA  70816;; (225)295-8410
•Committee on House & Governmental Affairs, La. House of Representatives:Submit toH& or Committee on House & Governmental Affairs, La. House of Representatives, PO Box 44486, Baton Rouge, LA 70804; (225) 342-2403
•Committee on Senate & Governmental Affairs; La Senate:Submit tos& or Committee on Senate & Governmental Affairs; La Senate PO Box 94183, Baton Rouge, LA 70804; (225)342-9845